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  • DO NOT hose down Plastic Laminate Compartments. Area must be well ventilated. For high moisture areas, we recommend Solid Phenolic Compartments.
  • Cleaning staff should be instructed to use mild, household cleaner. Rinse surfaces with a clean damp cloth and dry immediately. Material should not be saturated with any type of liquid for any amount of time.
  • The use of abrasive materials and harsh chemicals (such as bowl cleaner) should never come into contact with laminate surfaces. These and other agents will cause damage to the laminate surfaces, voiding manufacturer's warranty.
  • To maintain or restore luster, use high quality furniture polish.
  • Hinges need to be lubricated annually with white lithium grease. Check for smooth operation.
  • All fastening devices need to be in place and secure.
  • Emergency access feature should be checked for proper operation.
  • A good preventive maintenance program will insure longevity and reliability of our compartments.

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